Writing a comment via pop up in a procedure

Idea created by msisternas Employee on Jul 11, 2018
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    I just wanted to share this idea with the community. Feedback welcome!!


    We currently can write text and/or comments in a cube, however we cannot really integrate this process as part of a procedure. It would be great to enable a procedure action that allows a pop up to appear where we can write text and that this text is then saved in our selection in a text cube and then we continue with the next steps of the procedure.


    This type of action could be useful for example when submitting workflow steps to write a comment for the person responsible. We can do this now, but not part of the same process flow, we would have to write the comment and then submit. With this action we would be more user friendly or even write comments without the need to show them all the time in the front end.


    Furthermore this action could allow procedures to force comment submissions. 


    -Step1- Show Message: Please comment your current submission

    -Step2- POP UP for comment input (NEW ACTION)

    -Step3- Data Flow If Comment then 1 if not 0 Calculation

    -Step4- IF Comment then lock workflow if not then go back to step 1