Link with "button" functions on label or dynawrite text portion

Idea created by danieledilorenzo on Jul 19, 2018
    Open for voting

    It would be nice to have the possibility to set a text contained in a label or dynawrite and activate, for a defined screen, the same options allowed e,g, for a button. IN other words, "integrate" the button in a dynawrite.




    in a screen I have a label containing this string "To update figures click on button UPDATE", then I have a button that runs the procedure. 



    whit my idea I will have onlythe label or the dynawtite with, among other notes, "To update figures click here", and the procedure starts.

    In this case I have set the word "here" as a button



    Or, to create a link to a screen, use a substitution formula "to check missing figures go to screen @screen#1"