Acclaim Badges for e-Learning Certifications

Idea created by Bob Gill on Jul 21, 2018
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    • Bob Gill
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       While I'm a big fan of the quests and learning resources as part of the community site, I think there is an opportunity to promote BOARD and recognize accomplishments beyond just the community site. Acclaim is one of a few sites offering badges for recognition for accomplishments. Companies like Microsoft, Oracle and IBM provide acclaim badges after passing online exams. These in turn can be posted on LinkedIn or used as a way to help companies find staff with relevant skill sets. 


       I would like to propose six specific badges be setup in Acclaim, that each tie to existing courses in the e-Learning module of the community.

    • Database Modeler (Database Modeling)
    • Procedure Engineer (Procedure Engineering)
    • UI/UX Designer (User Experience)
    • Solution Designer (Capsule Design)
    • Administrator (Administration and Maintenance)
    • Analyst (Business Case)


       Once someone completes one of these e-Learning courses, there should be a badge from Acclaim recognizing the accomplishment. I imagine this may tie into the certifications feature of the e-Learning section. There is probably some magic necessary to setup the certifications in the e-Learning courses and link them to Acclaim, but that seems to be the direction other vendors have chosen.


       This is similar to my comment about Quests for Courses? While the community site is a great resource and portal for engagement, connecting with other communities may help introduce BOARD to folks who may not know about it.