Datetime / Timestamp type cube

Idea created by nicolasc on Jul 26, 2018
    Open for voting

    Add a new type of cube : Datetime that store date but also the time!

    Also, add the equivalent of today() function to be used in layout and dataflows.



    Use case (exemple) :

    In my current project, users need to view the exact time when a task in the workflow has been completed and/or when a coworker has performed an operation for the last time :


    Workaround(s) :

    To do so we created an entity with all the task & process and based a text cube on it. The goal is to fill the right cell of this cube with a dataflow when the "complete task" procedure is run. We had 2 options :

    • (our choice) Set the value to the @datetime variable in the dataflow. But it's culture-sensitive, so it doesn't display natively to everyone if language isn't the same for everybody.
    • Use a ROLAP cube with a SQL trigger that overwrite the value to a date. But it's also culture-sensitive,and the available depend of the Board licence.

    We discard the solution to have a date cube + a text cube for time only as you can't sort the result easily.