Enhance the DataView Layout SORT function

Idea created by hoew248 on Jul 30, 2018
    Open for voting

    Currently DataView layouts can only sort by ONE block/entity.   


    It would be helpful to be able to apply a sort using several blocks.   For example, where a client's data has 3 levels - eg Site, Floor, and Work Area and you wish the report to sort by Site, then Floor then Work Area descriptions, and the date the Work Area was occupied - it would be helpful if DataViews could be created that are sorted by multiple entities, not each just one.  In isolation, a column can be clicked on, but that does not provide the answer required.



    A workaround, is to create a reporting cube (Text) made up of the concatenation of the entities required to be sorted by - for example, the following 4 records "SiteAFloorVArea320170730", "SiteAFloorVArea420170730", and "SiteAFloorVArea420170615", and "SiteAFloorVArea320170805" would be listed in this order:







    The Text cube would be created , made up of Site Name & Floor Name & Work Area Name & Occupied Date (date would be in format YYYYMMDD).