Adding Colors tot the Standard Color Palette

Idea created by robin.slump on Aug 1, 2018
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    Idea to expand the option of adding Corporate Colors ID.


    The standard color palette show the following colors;


    But is it not possible to add a color to the standard color palette. When you want to add a new color, de standard color palette disapear. (as shown in the image below). The standard color palette changes to: Corporate Colors. But i don't want the standard colors to disapear, just add a few extra colors.



    So in the current version of Board I needed to add all standard colors, by copying the HEX codes, and add them manually as a corporate color. Now I have all standard colors & my corporate colors. The only disadvantage is that the headers are no longer available (Theme Colors & Standard Colors)



    For me the problem is solved, but i take some time to add all colors manually. In de ideal situatie there are 3 headers:

    - Theme Colors (10 x 6 colors)

    - Standard Colors (6 colors)

    - Corporate Colors

    Someting like this maybe


    I think it will be very helpful for other users, if there are any questions, feel free to ask.


    Best regards,