Select multiple members by text string

Idea created by on Sep 13, 2018

    Hi All,


    currently, if you want to select a greater number of entity members on a screen (for example a list of 50 specific articles), you have to click on a selector, search for one, select it, search for the next one, select… and so on.


    In a few projects now, users have asked if they could enter the desired members as a list, maybe comma-separated and have Board select all of these at once.


    I have given this a little thought and came up with a possible work-around:

    • Enter or copy&paste string with desired members into a ROLAP text cube, structured by user
    • Separate string into individual items in SQL and mark with a "1"
    • Load result into single cube, structured by user and the entity to be selected
    • Start procedure with "select based on" this new cube


    The main reason why I have not implemented this so far is the fact that all the time data readers would be running and that for resetting the selection you would have to update the SQL-table also. Otherwise this selection would still be active, when the user enters the screen the next time, which might be confusing to some users.


    So in short, if there was a built-in functionality like this, it would help a lot. The work-around described above might work as well, but has a few limitations so that I have so far only tested it, but not deployed in a live environment anywhere.


    I'd appreciate your thoughts and/or ideas for more elegant work-arounds!


    Kind regards,