Disable BOARD Menu in Web Client / General Start-Screen

Idea created by jconstabel on Sep 27, 2018
    Open for voting



    we want our users to navigate in our own structure. That’s possible and easy to build and administrate with the current tools. 

    But when it comes to the Web Client we have the left site BOARD menu. I know that some of the options can be disabled, but not the capsules browser. 

    We don't want to use the capsules browser. 


    I wish there were features like:

     - general landing page (instead of capsules browser)

     - Disable the BAORD Web Client Menu or define a "general home screen" which can be reached by hitting the "B"





    PS: I know, that there is a "work-around" with the embed-report-stuff, but I don't think that this easy to build or rather to administrate.