Web Client: Copy Slide in Presentation Mode

Idea created by tg_jbaetens on Oct 8, 2018
    Open for voting

    This is a request directly coming from a customer and would STRONGLY enhance the usability of the Presentation Mode which would close the loop.


    - The user has a reporting page where he/she starts from a blank screen with an empty dataview and user adds columns in the report builder
    - The user saves the created report as a slide in the presentation mode
    - The user wants to adjust the selectors of this custom report and save it as a separate slide in the presentation mode => This is currently not feasible
    - The user wants to show the presentation inside the tool with different live screens in a meeting to the management team



    - User can recreate the whole report from scratch (which might contain many, many columns)

    - When the user creates a slide in the presentation mode, he/she can click on "go back" in the browser, and the system will still have the just created report. So in that way the user can add again the slide to the presentation mode. (This workaround is cumbersome, as he/she needs to know in advance, if the just created report should be reused)





    Allow within the presentation mode to copy a slide (or even a presentation)