allow 2 descriptions/ names by entity name

Idea created by on Oct 12, 2018
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    • heheimann
    • fabio.giordano
    • christoph
    • danieledilorenzo

    Actually its only possible to create 1 description of an entity.

    And the same name will be displayed for the user for example in the selector (there are a few other examples like this)

    In this case we have to use a workaround and "hide" the name of the selector with a label


    Most of the entities an especially hierarchies are based on primary systems like SAP (datawarehouse) and have technical names. This is for administrators a very usefull information, but for the user mostly not.



    - make it possible to change the description of selectors

    - or allow to create 2 descriptions (names) of an entity, a display and a technical description (preferred solution)


    In the web you can configurate the translation (localisation) of languages. There you could set diffrent names per entity, but then you have to be aware that the administrator user doesn't have the prefered language profile.

    I whould prefer if you could customize this generally and independent of any language.