Datamodel Tags

Idea created by mik1893 Employee on Oct 16, 2018


    at the moment, when developing a BOARD datamodel, we do not have an easy way of finding sub-sets of cubes/entities/etc.. used for a specific business process inside a database or with specific features, for example:

    • all cubes used in data-entry for budgeting purposes
    • all cubes containing actual data loaded directly from a datasource
    • al cubes containing calculated / allocated values
    • all cubes belonging to a specific sub process


    Many BOARD developers achieve this by "tagging" the name of the elements - for example a cube used in a planning process, available for dataentry in the application, would be named like

     [DE] [PLANNING]  My Planning Measure


    The idea is to have a "Tag" feature when creating a cube. This can be achieved with:

    • A simple interface for tag management, where people can create a tag and assign a specific color for it
    • When creating a cube, you can search through the tags (or simply visualize them, there shouldn't be to many to avoid overcomplicating the application ofc) and flag them on the cube


    A very nice implementation of a tagging system is the one done by GITHUB - the tags are called labels -  a couple of example screenshots below:


    Management interface:



    You can then use labels anywhere (when pushing code, creating issues etc - in our case it would be when creating cubes, entities, datareaders, procedures i.e.)




    Any feedback is appreciated!