Save / Restore Screen selection

Idea created by joanponsa Employee on Jan 15, 2019
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    An easy way to store my current screen selection and restore it at any time in any screen.


    As is:

    Currently, we can get this functionality by storing the screen selection in cubes by user and dimension I want to store. For complex apps, It means that I need to create a large list of cubes to save each dimension and a long procedure to save and store. This is impacting user experience as apply selection based on cube takes long.



    To be:

    a) button to Save or Restore screen selection in a single click. Save the entire screen selection for all dimensions in db. (see attached screenshot)

    b) procedure step that allows me to store the entire screen selection in a single BOARD object/cube by user. So I can easily embed the functionality in a capsule procedure.



    Somehow BOARD is currently doing it when using the “share screen” functionality of the Web chat. It not only shares the screen but also the screen selection.