Broadcasting: Subject, CC, BC and Body

Idea created by jconstabel on Feb 11, 2019
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    Dear BOARDville citizen,


    we are not happy with the current Broadcasting function (using BOARD 10.3).


    Currently we are using Broadcasting to inform our user about updated report/screen in BOARD. For example at the beginnen of each month we are informing our cost center responsibles about an updated report after the financial periode is closed.

    The cost center responsibles will receive a notification with a direkt link ot the BOARD screen and some information in the email body if necessary.


    We are missing the option to add CC and a BCC in E-Mails. The reason for us to use this is, that we would like to add our controlling dept email-adress in BCC to get the information that the email is sent out.

    We need the CC to add the division manager of the cost center responsibles so that he would also be informend about the updated reports.


    In addition to this, currently it is not possible to sent an email to more than one reciepient. 


    Further to this, we are not fine the subject in the Broadcasting emails. It shows the name of the screen which is used for the broadcasting. We wish to have something dynamic like a block in the selected dataview. A subject like "Cost Center Reports January 2019 is available" is currently not possible (or you have to rename the screen).


    And finally: Why is it not possilbe to select a block for the email body if you send out attachement with the broadcasting?


    What do you think about this?