Ability To Control What Appears In The Floating Data View Menu

Idea created by samanders on Apr 2, 2019
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    My idea/suggestion is for the possibility to decide which functions appear in the data explorer floating menu.

    The menu i refer to is the floating data explore menu which holds the functions such as Lock and Spread, Export to Excel, Annotation etc.. It would be great to have the ability to configure which application functions are displayed within this menu for the end users.


    For example i have a request to keep the Lock and Spread function on a screen, however, to disable the Export to Excel option from this menu. Currently (at least to my knowledge) this menu configuration is either an on or off setting and so if you want to remove/stop the Export to Excel function then you would also lose the Lock and Spread function and other remaining options in this menu.  


    So my request/idea is for the a setting option for a system administrator to define what functions appear in the floating menu and if possible to further extend this functionality to be able to define controls/options by screen/data object. For example one screen could have the Export to Excel disabled but keeps Lock and Spread in the floating menu and then on another screen the Export to Excel is enabled but the Lock and Spread is not.