Interactive Selection with nothing selected

Idea created by irwin.tanadi on Jul 19, 2019
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    In Board 10.3 Web: the behavior of the Interactive Selection is now coherent with the Selector's


    The problem with the above implementation for our use case are:

    1. As we limit what the user can select in the Interactive Selection, all the entities displayed are now automatically selected; and the user has to un-select. 
    2. With Board 11 implementation of "Select one member only" in the interactive selection, the user now has to click "Clear" first because everything has been pre-selected as default.


    Generally speaking, I think the idea of interactive selection is to ask the user to select one or more items. Having the default as everything selected defeats the purpose of prompting the user to select.


    I heard this was requested by another Board's customer to sync the screen select with the interactive selection, so they may have a different use case than ours of wanting everything pre-selected and the user has to unselect.


    We probably can improve this by:

    1. Give the developer an option whether they want to have "everything selected" or "none selected". And in the case when "Select one member only" is selected, it should automatically have "none selected" as default.
    2. In the interactive selection popup window, we can have another button for e.g. "Select All" to allow the user to quickly select all values.