Admin Page Password Reset Should Unlock User Account

Idea created by on Jul 31, 2019
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    • eugen.melnic
    • vraghuvanshi
    • mark.schad
    • warrenbriggs

    We are cloud users for board and the admin page has really come a long way to synchronize capsules, stop and start services, etc.  However, the login password expires way too quickly.  I would recommend changing that requirement.  I have used the admin page for a little over a year and have had around 20 admin passwords already for this one page.


    Today, our web environment is offline for all of our users.  We have about 300 contributors that need to access a capsule and submit numbers today.  I believe that stopping and starting the web service will resolve the issue.  Unfortunately, my password to log on the admin page (the only place to stop and start web services) was tried unsuccessfully too many times and I have been locked out of the admin page.  I have reset my password (twice), but my user account is still locked out.  I submitted a ticket to cloud services, but I am just waiting for a response.  This really should be something that is easier to fix by the user.