@Authorizations in labels (@Selection improvement)

Idea created by ecausse on Aug 21, 2019
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    Hi everybody,

    Very often in order to explain a result to a user, we have to take into account the authorizations he has, which can be quite complex in our cases.



    In order to make the screen selections explicit, we can currently use @Selection in a label at the bottom of the report, for example, to make sure the user understands what he sees. However there is no way to make explicit the selections done by the authorizations, which can sometimes contradict the screen selections.


    Workaround : I did not find anything so far.


    Idea: create a @Authorizations formula or an option in the @Selection to explicitly display the select based on authorizations (or the complete screen selection = screen selection + authorization selection).


    Pietro Ferrari last time you asked me what features were missing, I forgot this one... I'm sure it's much easier to implement than my other ideas