Improvements 10.5.1/ Board 11.1 Web

Idea created by on Sep 9, 2019
    Open for voting

    Hello together, we worked now a lot with the webclient to configure our existing capsules.

    Following improvements would be great:

    - shortcut CTRL+Z to undo something

    - move objects with the arrows of the keyboard

    - view of the screen is to small in editing mode (would be great if you could unlock the panels)

    - it would be great if you could activate "construction" lines like in Excel (not visible for the user)

    - sometimes we had troubles to delete some objects (for example buttons)

    - it would be great if you could deactivate the automatic update mode of the screens in general, so that you could work and calculate the screen layouts not after every change

    - actually its not possible to deactivate the drill through (not drill-down) generally, you have to create a "dummy" drill through

    - the sort of the bars in the barchart ist diffrent from the sort of the legend

    - its not possible to select the font in every object (the corporate identiy designer ist missing -> known limitation)

    - if you import your capsules to the new format, alle dynawrite's are blank, you have to replace them

    - Board Meta function: show the affected screens in procedures

    - in masks you could change the size of the screens/ sometimes this doesn't work because a screen is bigger than the wished format (find a solution for that or show which screen is the problem)


    Many thanks


    kind regards