Treemap Alerts for negative numbers

Idea created by jorisvandenboogaard on Sep 12, 2019
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    Hi All,


    I was pointed to non-intuitive behavior of the treemaps functionality by a Board user. In this case the CFO of the company who had a good point in his analysis. See below the  issue.


    For treemaps, alerts can be assigned to values.


    So if we take green for positive and red for negative, one would (intuitively) expect the following:


    Highest positive number is the greenest (e.g. 100)

    Lowest positive number is the least green (e.g. 5)


    Lowest negative number is the most red (e.g. -100)

    Highest negative number is least red (e.g. -5)


    However, for negative numbers Board uses the same analogy as for the positive numbers


    Highest negative number is the most red (e.g. -5)

    Lowest negative number is least red (e.g. -100)


    See pictures below:






    This can currently be solved using NEXEL Using "desaturate Alerts"/Treemaps with alerts and negative Numbers 

    However, this is not user friendly does not spread the inverted numbers equally. Also it can also be done via an algoritm with same result.



    This idea is slightly different the this idea since it refers to negative numbers (treemap chart > modify the colour behaviour of tiles when alerts are used )




    Would be nice to add a button to handle alerts for negative numbers more intuitive for users.


    Kind regards,