y Axis minimum 0, maximum Autorange

Idea created by brian_hammond on Sep 18, 2019
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    In a Cartesian graph (such as bar or line graph), I would like to be able to set the minimum of the y Axis to be 0, and the maximum to be Autorange (so that the highest the Y axis goes will be slightly higher than the highest spot on a bar or line graph).


    Currently this isn't an option. If I select Autorange, the minimum will be set to just below the smallest bar on a bar graph. So if I am comparing Bar A which is 1.2 million and Bar B which is 1.4 million, the minimum will probably be set at 1 million and it will be visually misleading. It will make it look like there is a massive difference between Bar A and Bar B. However, if the minimum were set at 0, we could see that there is a proportionally small difference between the two.


    I'm told that I can set the minimum manually to 0, and set the maximum to what I want. However, this is also unsatisfactory. Let's suppose I set the minimum to 0 and the maximum to 1.5 million (just above the top of Bar B). That looks just fine. But then let's suppose that I do some Selecting/Filtering. Then instead of Bar A (1.2 million) and Bar B (1.4 million), Bar A is 1,200 and Bar B is 1,400. The problem is that the maximum of the Y axis is still 1.5 million. In this case, we can't even see the difference between A and B.


    This should be an easy fix, because this can be done in Excel.