Text Based Layout  Editor

Idea created by jeremier Employee on Oct 7, 2019
    • marcsamu
    • auron956
    • jeremier

    In v11 the web interface can be a little cumbersome when editing / creating large layout (10 Blocks +).

    There is no way to edit an existing block through the GUI and copying blocks is not possible.


    The idea would be to provide a way for exporting a layout to text, allowing edit, re-importing and parsing the layout.

    Abviously this would be an "advanced user" only feature and for designing heavy layouts.


    The export could be in XML format or other similar language.

    It would require detailled understanding of the dataview layout functionalitites and re-importing could cause corruption if not parsed properly.


    Attached is an example of an XML export from Oracle PBCS.