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Idea created by Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK on Oct 10, 2019
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    Please could I ask the community to consider this idea and vote accordingly?  I would like to suggest that BOARD implement the ability to create CHAT and SHARE user groups and for the developer to have the ability to restrict what users, or groups, each user can see.


    This proposal would, in practice, see the ability for the developer to simply create groups of users, in the same way as the Folder Security is maintained.  They can then apply a USER GROUP Profile as well as a FOLDER PROFILE when creating or amending new users.  Image 1 is a suggested entry point for the developer to maintain and apply the user groups.


    Image 1: Proposed User Group feature accessed from SECURITY and used to limit users to seeing, chatting and sharing with only the users in their allocated community/group/company/etc... 



    Current Situation

    Currently, this company has had to disable these very powerful features as to use them would reveal staff of competing companies to see each other from the single unfiltered user list as in image 2 below.


    Image 2: CONTACTS list reveals all users, regardless of the external company in which they are employed.


    Client Centric Multi-Client model

    BOARD allows for the creation of a very effective and efficient solution to provide a fully client-centric experience.  By using database security with @User, replicated entities and the creation of custom selector objects,  clients are able to to have a fully customised experience within a single database housing multiple clients.  Image 3 displays the view of the available selectors of a client accessing our Multi Client Model.  The right hand image is of the un-restricted view of the same selection menu which shows that there are far more entity members available than those seen by each client.


    Image 3: The left view is of the selections available to a single client.  The right hand view is of the same bank of selectors but without CLIENT selection applied.


    I have now gone as far as I can to offer a fully client-centric experience within a BOARD model.  CHAT and SHARE are key and fundamental to providing the ultimate one-stop BOARD hosted platform model which will allow us to use the broadcasting features - also essential for continued success.


    I hope that I've managed to outline the necessity and importance of this idea.  I really do believe that the implementation of this innovation would allow developers to create a true one stop platform.  We are already able to offer:


    1. Shared storage and dynamic document retrieval through BOX.COM from within BOARD.
    2. MS Office Integration without the plug-in.
    3. Dynamic property plot to Google Map linking.
    4. Integration and augmention of data with external online data sources such as Office of National Statistics.


    We now need to provide users the ability to chat and share within their own communities/user groups as with:


    External user communities (Clients):

    1. Bank + Avison Young
    2. Property Management company + Avison Young
    3. Restaurant chain + Avison Young
    4. Etc...


    Internal Clients:

    1. All clients + Developers
    2. Selected Client + Client Manager + Director


    Kind regards,


    Paul Wyatt