Error messages in layouts more explicit than "Oops"

Idea created by ecausse on Oct 24, 2019
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    Hi all,

    Context & issue:

    A few months ago, we implemented a limit on reports known as "Rows Upper Limit" to prevent users from overloading the system with too big queries (usually, addind all axis of a cube to extract everything to excel...).

    Due to this limit, sometimes the users have a "Oops" error in their layout, but no indication about the reason.


    Idea : implement specific error messages for the users, such as

    - "Error : your query has a potential number of results exceeding 2 millions [insert dynamically the Rows Upper Limit value]"

    - "Error : your query cannot be executed due to unavailable dimension in cube XXX"


    You see my point  This would be very helpful to propagate the use of Layout editor (or Quick Layout as Pietro Ferrari mentioned, event if less risky if I understand).