WEB configure Layout : authorize copy of block and change of cube

Idea created by ecausse on Nov 5, 2019
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    Hi all,

    Maybe somebody else mentioned this already but just to be sure...

    we are currently testing and explaining to some key users the benefits of version 10.5 for the configure layout in the web version.
    Two key features of the client are missing :

    1. the possibility to copy a block to a new block;
    3. the possibility to replace a cube by another in a block, keeping all other properties (refer to, rules, etc).


    These features are really key for developing complex layouts with efficiency.
    Indeed we very often have to create a P&L with several versions (N-1, Last Forecast, last budget, actual, etc). with sometimes several blocks to build each "visible" block, and the only difference is the cube or a single reference.

    Exemple : replace Actual cube by Actual @Budget rate, etc.


    I'm sure you already thought about that but user feedback is important to push the right ideas on top of the pile... I'm sure Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK would agree