Enhance the Availability of the Layouts to the Mask

Idea created by shugo on Dec 9, 2019
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    • dpanetta
    • shomei.shin

    Hi team,


    I have an enhancement request below.


    Request: Enable Data Layout in the Mask

    Purpose: Display the Entity Member regardless of its number


       I was trying to output the entity which has only one member using label, but it says "All" if the entity has only one member. I received the suggestion from the support that I should use data layout instead to show the entity in the screen, but I'd like to use it in the mask which is not available for the version of the Board Client I'm using (10.5.1).


       For now I can add a dummy member in the entity and paste it in the Mask to avoid the issue, but it affects the user interface of my client company in the future, so I hope you consider the enhancement of the funcion.


    Thank you,