(Resolved) v10.6 Custom CARD Sizing Issue

Idea created by Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK on Jan 6, 2020
    • Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK

    ******************** RESOLVED ********************

    I raised this issue as an idea as I had mistakenly assumed that, with v10.6, a label could no longer be embedded with as layout.  I further assumed that the CARD object was provided to replace this functionality.  I have now learnt that one must select the 'configure layout' icon to enter the layout configurator after first selecting a label object - see image below.




    Many thanks to Sebastian Gurt for responding so quickly and saving my sanity.  I have left the first part of the idea in place in case any other users encounter the same issue.  The webmasters may want to move this post from the IDEAS forum to QUESTIONS forum, which I would be happy for them to do.


    On a plus note, I have now learnt how versatile the new CARD object is and look forward to using it in future - Thanks BOARD.


    ******************** RESOLVED ********************


    IDEA:   The ability to add a layout to a label should be returned for v10.6 as the CARD object does not have the versatility to acceptably replace currently deployed model solutions.  Features not available to format the CARD object are:


    1. Hide all borderlines.
    2. Hide configuration button.
    3. Hide scroll bars.
    4. Allow height and width adjustment to object, independant of card size settings.
    5. Allow for transparent background.


    The ability to embed layouts into the new 'shaped' labels was demonstrated at BOARDville 2019, receiving a round of appause.