Screen Aspect Ratio in Board 11

Idea created by sugunendra on Feb 5, 2020
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    • ecausse
    • hvoelker
    • sugunendra
    • danieledilorenzo

    We see an option to set screen to Aspect Ratio in Board 11. Currently it seems like the aspect ratio is not taking the top ribbon into account to size the screen area/dimensions.


    Hence the user needs to scroll, in case of fit to width

    or there is empty space in the sides, in case of fit to single page mode. 

    I propose two ways to make this better for development:

    • To take the top ribbon into account in sizing the screens, so that the developer can understand the available screen area to design better, with or without scrolling on each screen and a better planning to utilize the whole screen area.
    • To give a auto hide option to top ribbon, which might not be great because for example it defeats the idea of customization (like corporate logo etc) but something to ponder upon.

    Thank you.