Support Icons in menu for the web client

Idea created by ecausse on Jan 28, 2020
    Open for voting

    Hi all,

    to my surprise, the icons included in the capsule menu, that could be managed in the Windows client, cannot be managed any more in the web client.

    I opened a support question about it and Andrea Mo suggested to post it as an idea... so here it is !


    Please include the option to manage menu icons in the web, same as the windows client.


    Below a screenshot of my menu.

    Circled in green, the items created before migration to 10.5, the icon could be set properly.
    Circled in red, the items created after in the web client => impossible to set the icon ?

    Menu with and without icons


    In a general manner, I thought all windows client features would be migrated to the web, but if that's not the case, how should we manage the situation ? Forget menu icons completely ?