Formatting more than one cell at a time in Web Row Style Template

Idea created by todda01 on Feb 5, 2020
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    In the win client you can select multiple columns and rows to format at the same time in the row style template. In the web client you can only select one "cell" at a time to format. We use the row style template to do row specific formatting for our financial statements. If we have to format one "cell" at a time, it would take forever to format a financial statement so using the web client right now is not a viable option. Some kind of click and drag functionality like the selector has would be great.



    Below is an example of how one of our statements is formatted at the row level using color, $ signs, and underlines for totals.


    Below is how the row style template looks in the web, and you can see I only have one cell highlighted.



    Below is how the style template looks in the win client, and I have many rows highlighted.