Have a suggestion to make Board even better?


People that closely work with Board – people like you – come up with great ideas to improve the software every day. Having a place to share these ideas with the wider Board community and receive feedback is important and can become the first step to putting your suggestion on the Board roadmap. It is also important to check out the suggestions that were put forward by your peers and vote for other ideas. Our R&D team closely monitors all suggestions and interactions between community members to decide which features to include into the upcoming releases. So share your ideas, get them supported by other community members, and vote for ideas from other members to see them implemented!

Please note, we are currently experiencing an issue with rich text formatting and content displaying properly within ideas on the Ideation page. We are aware of this issue as of 07/26/22 and are actively working with our Community platform provider to resolve. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please feel free to submit any further issues to or ping @KayneSchwarz directly within the Community. 


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