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Cell Formatting

Question asked by Bob Gill on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by Bob Gill

   Rich Wojcik, Paola Mason and I are working on a scorecard solution. We would like to refine the formatting to be cell-specific. Consider the following scorecard as our starting point, and I'll describe our challenge.

  On the above scorecard, we want to be able to identify percentages with a (%), dollars with a ($) and other KPIs without a symbol. Furthermore, we want to be able to set the precision of the number displayed to 1 or 2 decimal places. We've played with the Row Template and Layout Block Formatting features, but we can't seem to get a combination that work together as we want. We seem to be able to have some, but not all of the formatting we want to present.


   Focusing on the EBITDA(N) per Life Served, we want to be able to see the first column (Weight) with a % symbol and one decimal place precision, but the second and third column should use a $ symbol and two decimal places of precision. Finally, the last two columns should use a % symbol and one decimal place of precision. Since Row Template apply formatting to each cell of a row, Row Templates haven't worked for us yet. Next we tried using the Layout Block Formatting too. If we try to add a $ to the second and third column formatting, it applies it to every cell in those columns. We do not want to see a $ on the Roll out of CUMULOUS line. Is there a way to be able to specify cell-specific formatting for the symbol and precision to be applied?


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