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Normalization after changes on tree

Question asked by marcsamu on Apr 11, 2018
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I have to change a relationship in a tree (having a lot of entities and levels). In particular I have to link "Riclassificato Paese" directly to "Riclassificato Centri" instead of "Riclassificato Gruppo":




After this changes, Normalization between CDC and "Riclassificato Paese" (1 indirect level) doesn't show the name of the entity between the two ones:



Can I be absolutely sure that normalization work properly?


To avoid this I usually remove completely the entitiy from the tree and add again to the correct level. But this changes the order of the fields when I have to export the tree, and in this situation I want to avoid this, because there are 81 entities in this relationship. 


Thanks to everyone.