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Problem filttring on a cube

Question asked by alebris on Jul 19, 2018
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I have a cube Reporting Group with 3 dimensions : Month, Company and Group chart of accounts[R].


Group chart of accounts[R] is the replicate of Group chart of accounts which is in the following hierarchy :

                                                                     |------  Company

General Ledger --- Local chart of accounts

                                                                     |------  Group chart of accounts ---- Account Category



I created a dataview with Group chart of accounts[R] by row. I selected a specific month and then tried to filter by Company.

When all the companies are selected I've got the correct values. However, when I select a company, the data displayed in the dataview is not updated : I still have the total values.


I tried to add Company in the row axis and it worked fine (e.g. I got the values of the selected company). Nevertheless I need to be able to display both the sum of the values of all the companies, and the values of a specific company. So having Company in the row axis is not a solution that works in that case.


Can you help me with that ?


Thanks in advance,