PDF functions in the BOARD WEB (10.3)

Discussion created by dma on Aug 7, 2018
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My first imrpressions:


Nice! This is a promising update!

The update itself was easy, except for the topic: Upgrading to 10.3


First of all: Many good approaches. Creating a PDF from a single DATAVIEW works. That's nice.
But the devil is in the detail!


What I have noticed so far (in a hurry):

  • The representation of the number format on the web differs from that in the PDF (different number formats, i.e. decimal separators) Is this a problem for the German-speaking world?


  • The same applies to graphic elements.

(This was already the case in the previous versions. There should be a solution for this, right?)


  • Creating a PDF from a web page, i.e. adding elements from tables and/or graphics is incorrect (at least for me).  It is not possible to select individual folder pages; instead, the first folder page is always included in the PDF report. It is not possible to select a page further back. Can anyone confrim this?


  • A drill-down to detail data records is unfortunately still not to be sorted numerically (for numerical values) but only alphanumerically. That doesn't make sense.


Okay, this is version 10.3.0, but: For, however, there is still a lot to do to meet its own demands!


Does anyone have a solution to the formatting problems mentioned above?