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how can I optimize my procedure?

Question asked by noura on Nov 26, 2018
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Well, I use 4 cubes in my procedure : 

Cube A (type: Single,structured on 6 entities + Year) : Yearly Budget

Cube B (type:Date,structured on same 6 entities + Month) : Due Month

Cube C (type:Single,structured on same 6 entities + Month) : Month flag

Cube D (type:Single,structured on same 6 entities + Month) : Monthly Budget 

A and B are loaded with datareaders.

My procedure is build like the following:

1- data flow: C= if (B<>0,1,0)

2- data flow: D= A*C

The issue is that my procedure takes a lot of time to run ( an hour and a half)

I tried to use sparsity on 3 entities but It's still very slow.

My question is what can I do to optimize my procedure so it can run faster ? 

Thanks and regards.