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Hi all,    I'd like to have the possibility to insert a comment on each cube (and maybe entities), mainly in order to clarify their use in the database and their content. It would be enough to reproduce the possibility already available for the step of a procedure.   This becomes crucial when dealing with large database, where the meaning and…
Hello,   The Chat function is an useful addition to Board Web but it lacks a feature found in other websites. When receiving a message in i.e. Linkedin the browser in the taskbar displays a notifier icon for unread messages on the tab or some websites are able to push pop-ups.   Our customer said this functionality would secure faster reactions…
We see an option to set screen to Aspect Ratio in Board 11. Currently it seems like the aspect ratio is not taking the top ribbon into account to size the screen area/dimensions.   Hence the user needs to scroll, in case of fit to width or there is empty space in the sides, in case of fit to single page mode.  I propose two ways to make…
FUNCTIONALITYSince BOARD 10 the Web Server is published via HTML5 and version by version it is enhanced with additional functionalities. This documents provides the developers with an overview of the available settings: Generic Application Broadcasting Chat & User Metadata Single SignOn Authentication Reporting Logging   Generic Application These…
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Hello All,   While developing a Financial Reporting application for one of our customers, I came across the following behavior with respect to Rules that I wanted to highlight for the community.   For example purposes, let's pretend that the Rule has been built on an entity called "Report Lines" and is being used to calculate specific members (IE:… (Show more)
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hello going to my profile I see that all points/badges etc have been resetted
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Hello all,   the IT department in our company will update the Microsoft Office to the Version ...2016 or ...2019. We have the Board Version v10.1.4. The clients are connected with the web client.   Is the office add in from Board compatible with this office versions?   Thanks in advance Stefan Batalia
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Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK
Hello admin,   There appears to be a number of issues with the community site.  Selecting individual members or trying to view the leaderboard results in a web error.    Is the website undergoing some maintenance or are there features which are no longer supported?   Will there be a formal notification to all community users of any issues with… (Show more)
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