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BOARD Board Client version 10.1.4 can connect to a server running Board Server 10.1.4 only, it is therefore required to update all Board Client and Office Add-in installations. Capsules and databases created or modified with version 10.1.4 cannot be re-opened with version 10.1.3 (or prior). Board 10.1.4 contains some

I don't believe this is currently possible (but correct me if I'm wrong) so I will raise it as an idea.   When a procedure is added as an action on a block in a dataview layout it defaults to displaying the name of the procedure when the user hovers/clicks on it (as below) with the word 'Run' at the beginning.     Often the name
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Dataviews exported to Excel, that contain date cubes, do not behave as 'normal' excel users would expect.  The dates are exported as TEXT, not dates. When an excel filter is added to column headings, the date column lists the dates in text order (not chronologically - eg 01/04/2018, 04/01/2018, 08/12/2016 etc) When sorting the excel
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My donuts have disappeared! All gone! Pies are still available in rough quantities. Who knows how to get back my beloved donuts ?     Besides: Does anyone know how to transfer the format of one object to another? Does someone know how to change fonts (CI)?   Help is welcome!