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Ravichandra Aj
Scenario : i have a database . its time range is 2016-2024.                   have a history data for 2016,2017,2018 in source cube.                   i want to flow  2016 year data to 2023  in target cube                   how to achieve this ?   Björn Reuber Pietro Ferrari Alexander Kappes   please give me your inputs.     Thanks &… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHello,   something happened and we are not able anymore to select Inactive Members option.   On Customer function "Show inactive members" is available. On Products it is not available anymore.   Where it is possible to set this finction?     Customer   Product   Best regards, Gabriele
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A week or so ago our overnight procedure has started skipping some steps - so for example it performs data reads 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 etc but misses #1 and #6.  These data readers can be run manually and there does not appear to be anything wrong with them.  They're not disabled in the procedure.   Does anyone have any ideas on what might be the… (Show more)
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Hello there,   If i wanna have result of possible combination like data as below, are Board can handled it dynamically base on number of Data?   Data A B C ...   Output AB AC BC ...   Many thanks & Regards
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I am trying to build a report using a data viewer, however firstly I had to put entities in as axes so that they can be flattened out rather than having them in the data block, which just returned the total count in that entity.  However I now find that if I have more than 2 entities in the axes the screen does not  display, but just errors saying… (Show more)
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Starting from BOARD version 8 it has been introduced the possibility to change the way BOARD automatically saves data and metadata (which is in RAM) to disk.    BOARD works in-memory, so all users' inputs as well as uploads from external sources (text files, MSSQL...) are performed using the BOARD Server RAM, without involving the disk at any…
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Hi, looking for advice/best practice on how we can improve our daily load. Currently we have a couple of sql/datareader updates in our daily load which individually consume up to 10 minutes each. In total our daily load needs more than an hour, which is too long.   Most of our reports in Board are based on monthly figures, our setup for these… (Show more)
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Hi guys,   I have a client who runs BOARD in the cloud and am trying to trigger a Stored procedure (Data Loader) using a PowerShell script which i would like to schedule using the clients enterprise scheduling software. Would this be possible? If not, what would be an alternate solution?   Alternatively if there was a file listener type option on… (Show more)
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Often we experience the need to create huge reports that contain several blocks with entities by column. This kind of layouts can generate an high number of columns, and this could have an impact on performances and usability as well.   In the following example, having two cubes and two years selected, the detail by month will generate 48…
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