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When using algorithms in block (either for Data Flow or Data View), and you need to use a "complex" formula, it would be nice to have an alert that notify you if the syntax is wrong. An example can be, when you use a long statement with multifle IF's (and a lot of parenthesis), if you forget just one parenthesis your algorithm or dataflow won't…
Paul Wyatt - Avison Young
WHAT WAS THE RANDOMIZER TOOL.    To those that knew of it, and before BOARD 11, the Randomizer Tool was hugely powerful, allowing test models of production offerings to be created in as little as five minutes (once you knew the fields and cubes to obfuscate).  Simply put, it turns real data into random data.  Image 1 shows the app launched on the…
Click to view contentFUNCTIONALITYSince Board 10.3 screens can be exported to PDF or other formats, as explained in the release notes. According to the configuration of the server, some manual actions might be necessary to make it running on a server. All the required steps are listed in the following section.    HOW TO CONFIGURE IT Prerequisites The Create Report…
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Hi,    I am a little bit confused, I started to work on Board but the last version is quite different from the older one.    To load a cube (number of employees per year), I need to join tables in my data model.  I can't find how to joint, I suppose it's in the Data Reader but I do not undersand how to do so.    I find this on Board Manual : … (Show more)
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Click to view contentHello,   I am developing the BOARD templates with my colleagues. But we can't see the same content on our PCs that screen display sizes are different for example, My colleagues can see those columns under the column of  date  on  13 inch screen display( personal computer) But I can't see those on my 14 inch screen display  Can you teach… (Show more)
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Hello together, we worked now a lot with the webclient to configure our existing capsules. Following improvements would be great: - shortcut CTRL+Z to undo something - move objects with the arrows of the keyboard - view of the screen is to small in editing mode (would be great if you could unlock the panels) - it would be great if you could…
Hello everybody,   I have a cube where I would like to be able to change amounts per customer per date. This functionality requires me to fill in certain fields from time to time, which are still empty. I have turned on split&splat and activated a partern based allocation on the cubes. As soon as I try to fill in an empty though, I encounter the… (Show more)
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Paul Wyatt - Avison Young
Please could I ask for support to have the Bullet Chart issues, outlined below, addressed so as to make the Bullet Chart usable in all the scenarios for which it was built?  Image 1 shows how bullet charts in BOARD 11.x can be used.   Image 1: Four stacked bullet charts.  All are of uniform length and each is independent of the other    …
Paul Wyatt - Avison Young
Click to view contentHello Giulia Biondi,   Please could I ask a question about the BOARDville site profile page?  I want to change my 'Last Name' & 'Company' to include 'UK'.  Will these changes cause my profile to be reset, losing my points, rank and various other profile attibutes?   Kind regards,   Paul Wyatt
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