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Paul Wyatt - Avison Young
QUERY Has anyone been able to display the SQL data reader details in DB Procedures?     DETAILS In re-writing a dataload procedure, I noticed that SQL data reader details are not shown and require the user to open the step but text file data readers (ascii) do display the title of the reader.  Image 1 below shows Steps 11 to

DESIGN QUESTION: I may be asking a VERY basic question here, but it appears the rules for pasting Objects (inc. layouts, buttons, selectors) from one Screen to another are rather... haphazard. Are there any techniques for selecting an object or group of objects, copying them, and then pasting them to a new screen and having them maintain the same
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Hello everyone,   Does anyone else have issues with time functions in data flows with BOARD 11?   I am using "Yearly Moving Total" (often together with a large cycle for balance sheet values) or "Yearly Cumulated Value" quite often and none of those seem to give me the right result anymore. It looks like it is completely ignoring that
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Dear All,   I have 2 cube, the first cube is a date cube with one dimension is article, the second cube is single cube with 2 dimensions are Month and article. I want to make a new single cube with 2 dimensions are Month and article. i want to fill the value in new cube by second cube with the logic is if the month in second cube equal or