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Hello community,   is it possible to change the rotation and position of the chart markers in web client of BOARD 10.5.1? They are just horizontal, in the bar and cover other bars in the Chart.   Here is an example:   1: Standard rotation and position 2: Desired rotation and position     Kind regards

Hi all, Just a quick question, have you had any issues with a layout which has Nexel (deepest entity rule+write enabled) and also Allow Write Inplace enabled. Nexel is enabled on block a and there is a locker on block b used to lock certain portions of block a cells. When the locker block is used, the Allow Write Inplace
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1. User Logs 1.1 Login / Logout information 1.2 Provisioning logs 1.2.1 Users maintenance logs 1.2.2 Security Profiles maintenance logs 2. Server Logs 2.1 Configuration Options 2.1.1 Database Log Events 2.1.2 Capsule Log Events 2.1.3 Layout Capsule Log Events 2.1.4 Procedure Log Events 2.1.5 Dataflow
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BOARD 11.1    Board Client version 11.1 can connect to a server running Board Server 11.1 only, it is therefore required to update all Office Add-in installations. Capsules and Databases created or modified with version 11.1 cannot be re-opened with version 11.0 (or prior). This update includes fixes and improvements of the Board