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Hello Community, I need some advice before I upgrade. The conversion of the databases has to be done manually, at least in parts. This is described in the release notes.   Extract from the RELASE Notes   Database Migration The following activities must be performed to migrate a database to BOARD 11: Before upgrading to 11, open the
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Hi Guys,   I’m struggling with the design of the following waterfall (cf. image attached). It has been done with Excel, and I’d like to do the same in Board, but haven’t found yet how to do it.   So basically, on the right of the chart I have the group cumulated turnover for January 2016 to Month M 2016 and on the
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Hi All,   After installing the latest Board 11 version; I tested the new feature of Virtual cubes. However, even if I use a very basic dataflow, it does not seem to work as expected.   1. I create a virtual cube by Country 2. I perform a dataflow which puts 2 in this virtual cube on every member. (I tested this step with a regular
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Hello all, I'm very new with Board. I want to create a master design template for data view with my company CD. What are the best steps? Has someone a checklist with the best order? I created a mask with the company logo/design. Then I created a draft screen how I want my tables/charts to be designed. And a screen linked to the mask with