Hello,    My use case is as follow :  In one screen some users mark members of a dimension using a cube with checkbox. In another screen, different users should see the percentile of member marked that represent the selection they made.   Therefor, in one block I need to do a "Total By" to count how many member are marked overall, and do the… (Show more)
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Greetings!   My problem is this, I need to be able to track the number of records being entered into our system by Day and Hours.    I currently am loading a cube from SQL that contains a Date/Time Stamp field.  I am cubing off the Date by Day but need a way to delimit the Time Stamp and find a way to roll up these times into groups by hour.   … (Show more)
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Paul Wyatt - GVA
(BOARD Version: 10.1.4)   We are all aware of the restrictions when displaying Data-views vertically; no drill downs, formatting issues, etc.  Recently, I discovered another one   BOARD will automatically coerce entity members comprising of a string of figures into a numeric format with thousand separator and right justified. The impact of this… (Show more)
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Hi,   I am working on an application in which the application is divided into multiple modules. Each module have its capsule but one database. now the requirement is to merge all the capsule into a single capsule. How to do that ??   Any help or idea.. Thanks
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Hi, I have an application with two(2) screens(lets say Screen1 and Screen2). On Screen1 are two(2) dataviews(lets say Dataview1 and Dataview2). Dataview1 has Master Layout enabled and Dataview2 has a drill to Screen2 configured. My problem is when I do a master selection in Dataview1 and then a drill to Screen2 from Dataview2, the master… (Show more)
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How can I correctly set up the anonymous web user? I have already tried the suggested settings, but after the service is restarted the home page is not loaded. By resetting the anonymous user as false in appSetting.config, the home page loads correctly.   Thanks. Michele
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Is there a way to maintain blocks width in a DataView export, with formulas, to Excel?
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Hello dear Board Team There are several limitations with the Excel Export and displaying graphics/ diagrams with the new version 10.3.0 Excample:  - An error occurs if there is a special character in the header of the layout (/?@) - An error occurs if the header of the layout is longer than 31 characters This ist because Board copies the name… (Show more)
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Hi Guys,   I have a Board application running on Board 10.3 for which I don't manage to create a PDF report when using the Web client. When I click the create report button (either in the top-right corner menu or directly on a screen object), the loading circle displays on the middle of the screen and nothing else happens after that.   In the… (Show more)
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  Hello   Running the client autoupgrade in some PC's apperas a warning message that only says "Access denied" (see picture) but just pushing OK it regularly connects and works. Has anyone experienced this? What could be the reason?  
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Hello,   in our planning module users can add new projects with ATO where they can also set the relationships. For example, they can choose to which segment the project belongs to. As you can see in the screenshot there are four segments in our database.   Is it possible to enable users only to choose segment 1 or 2? Segment 3 and _ should not… (Show more)
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Dear all, One of our customers is a big fan of the presentation mode in the web client to save and share custom reports. Practically what happens, is that they create a report from scratch using the layout builder and save them in a presentation. However what might happen is that they are happy about a custom report, but they just want to have… (Show more)
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Hello all,   It seems that when using the data picker functionality in a layout (using Nexel rather than Rules), that if a detail by is used on a block the entity being detailed by is ignored, and the total is displayed for every item. In a simple example, if I set a single rule for a block to be "=@[V001]" , and then put Entity1 on the column,… (Show more)
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