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How to print/export several screens in a single printout/pdf

Question asked by mr.t Employee on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by Bob Gill

Hi Board-Community,


I would like to print and/or export several screens. Result should be one printout resp. one pdf file.


In my approach I use a container with "print AS SINGLE OBJECT", Therefore one screen results in one page. Is there any sophisticated appraoch to print /export these screens in one procedure? Another fact that makes it more complex is that one screen should be printed by pager all the others not.


My current appraoch would lead to a new screen with all containers. However, it seems to be a bit weak since it would be necessary to duplicate all the containers and create a dedicated screen for printing/exporting only and it is not possible to distinguish print by pager and not by pager.


Any good suggestion how to solve this?