Bob Gill

Layout Script Tab and BQuery Macros

Discussion created by Bob Gill on Jan 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by fethi

While exploring BOARD, I turned on the Show layout script tab feature to see what that's all about. This is under Board...Board Options.



After enabling the feature, I noticed the BQuery tab show up on each of my layouts.


Exploring more, I found the articles on BOARD Excel Add-in Functions and VBA Integrations.pdf and BOARD Excel Add-in Functions and VBA Integrations - Excel examples It sounds like this script tab can be used on conjunction with the Microsoft Office Add-ins to build macros with more interesting behaviors.


This leads me to the discussion questions. Has anyone leveraged the scripting capability in BOARD, along with the Office Add-ins to build something they want to share? As BOARD transitions to the web, should this functionality be kept or deprecated? 


In my humble opinion, this feature is client-specific and macro-based scripts should be deprecated. This avoids possible upgrade issues where macros break on certain software versions. Macros can also be security concerns. Macros are run on the client-side rather than the server. I can certainly make an argument for why they are still valuable, but my opinion is they should be deprecated in favor of a server-side processing options, of which BOARD has many. I welcome all your viewpoints and thank you for sharing your perspectives.