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Full RAM Mode / Benchmarking : how much time does it take to load your DB in RAM ?

Question asked by ecausse on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by ecausse

Hi everyone,

I would like to do a bit of benchmarking to understand better our performance and look into possible infrastructure improvements.

My current issue is that we have large databases (typically 50Gb) that takes a lot of time to load into RAM when used the first time. Usually this takes between 20min and 40min.

So a few questions:

- is that normal ? what kind of performance do you have on your own databases / servers ?

- did you implement specific infrastructure upgrades to improve your performances ? Which ones ?

- are you using a virtual infrastructure ? If yes, are you using memory extensions such as VMWare "overcommitment" function ?


Besides in terms of usability, very often we start loading a DB into memory by selecting it by mistake in the DB list. If it's a small one, no issue, but if it's a big one we're stuck for 20min... could it be possible to implement a check like "This DB is not in memory, do you want to load it ?" ?


Thanks for your input,