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Load CSV using ASCII when there is missing data

Question asked by bencampbell on Jan 31, 2018
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I receive a daily CSV from a third party. The first row is the column header, the first 5 columns always have data and the next two columns only occasionally have data. When I load using ASCII data reader, I can't load columns 6 and 7 because the first row of actual data is almost always blank for these columns. If I re-order the CSV by column 6 or 7, it will load as required. But because it comes from a third party, I can't automatically have it ordered this way.

I have tried to load with 'first row contains headers' not ticked - knowing that it will reject the first row as "Day" is not a valid day field. Whilst this option gives me the chance to specify Field#6 and Field#7, for the next row it reverts to there being only 5 possible fields.

Is there a way around this problem?