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Giving away points

Question asked by Bob Gill on Feb 18, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by ggallo

It looks like the community has an option to give away points. I'm curious about how we should use this feature. Can you explain a bit about how and when we should give points away? On the leader boards, we can see a summary for each user with these metrics. The Given Away metric on the right it the one I'm curious about.




Here are some ideas that came to mind.


  • Gratitude - To say thank you for a solution that really helped, someone can gift points as a way to say thank you for the help
  • Bounty - Someone could say, I'll give 100 points to the first person to come up with a working answer to a challenge
  • Priority - To encourage conversation on a particular topic, maybe an author can reward respondents with additional points
  • Options - If I were to ask for different options or approaches for a particular challenge, I would be happy to reward each person who contributed with some points to recognize their effort.


I understand this may just be an unused feature that could be used down the road, but I thought I would pose the question to make sure I understand it correctly.