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server-side command in a procedure does not run the script

Question asked by rubicon on Mar 14, 2018
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I experiment a strange behaviour using the server-side command within a procedure


I have two .bat files within the /Board/Job folder

  1. ListFiles.bat
  2. MergeFiles.bat


both are called at the same place in the procedure : (without any parameters passed through BOARD).

  1. The first one runs successfully (generates a text file) 
  2. The second one doesn't run. If I run it manually from windows explorer (double-click on the file), it runs successfully and merges several PDF files into one single PDF file called Merged_reports.pdf.


Has anyone already went through this ?


The content of the second .bat file is:

del ..\..\Export\Merged_reports.pdf
pdftk ..\..\Export\*.pdf cat output ..\..\Export\Merged_reports.pdf


The pdftk software (Link) is a free program which helps working on pdf files.


Many thanks for your help.