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Color coding in treemap diagrams

Question asked by dma on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by dma

If I want to display the following data in a treemap diagram, I encounter a problem:

DataView of Values to be shown in Treemap











The scaling in the Treemap object is obviously correct. But, in my opinion, the color coding is faulty (or at least not comprehensible/understandable for me).













If a treemap is created from the data table at the Top, the color coding (an alarm is set to negative = red and positive = green) leads to an incorrect visualization.


The presentation of positive and negative tends to be correct.
The expression of the color levels (understandable with the negative = red values), leads me however on a wrong track!


In the dataview, you can see that the element 07 shows the highest negative deviation. In the treeview object you get the impression that element 05 shows the highest deviation (the red is most intensive)

Following the Dataview, element 07 show show full (red) saturation.


So I get wrong hints from the graphical evaluation! No problem if only a small amount of data is displayed.
With extensive evaluation this leads to wrong conclusions!

I conclude from this that the sorting of colors in the tree view is not correct.


Has anyone had similar experiences or (better!) a solution to this problem?