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managing scales of several different charts

Question asked by rubicon on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by ecausse

Hello everybody,


Does anyone know how to manage the scales of several different charts in BOARD ?

In the example below:

  • there are 3 different graph objects and 1 pager object
  • the KPI 1 and 2 have close values (4 millions), the KPI 3 has another range of values (1,5 million).
  • the respective values of the KPIs vary according to the month selected using the pager object.



My question is: Is it possible to set the scales of the Y axis so that all three KPIs have the same scale values ? E.g. based on KPI 1 as a reference.

The result would be that KPI 3 shows 5 million as highest scale value in my example, like KPI 1 and 2.


I know there is the autorange option which can be disabled, but it is not what i am looking for, since I cannot know in advance which values have the KPIs...


thanks in advance,