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Detailed logs for Data-reader (http)

Question asked by chris on Apr 5, 2018
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Are detailed logs available for Data readers? For example, I have a data reader that extracts from an HTTPS endpoint (hosted on AWS). This keeps failing randomly (from what I have observed), what are the possibilities of maybe checking for the connection status or response header and body ??


So the above data reader executes in the following manner...


  1. Extract data from AWS end-point A (parameter 1)
  2. Wait for 1 min
  3. Extract data from AWS end-point A (parameter 2)
  4. Wait for 1 min
  5. Extract data from AWS end-point A (parameter 3)


So in the above procedure, all 3 steps (1,3,5) extract data from the same end-point (with different parameters). Some days step 1 will fail and other days it might be 3 or 5 and most days no issues.


in addition to detailed logs, is there a feature to send alerts if a task fails?